Did you miss our our panel on growth hacking the music industry at SXSW 2015?

If you did, don’t worry!

Our panel with leading music industry influencers was filled with great content. To keep it simple, we asked every panelist to give us their number one tip for growth hacking their careers through music tech.

Growth Hacking Taeaways at SXSW

Here are the top 5 tips from our music panelists about making the most of your music data:

Jason Feinberg, Head of Marketing at Pandora

 Educate yourself and understand what every facet of the music industry means from your perspective. @jasonfeinberg

There is neither just one model nor ten models for how artists should survive. Understand the industry within your context, and ensure that you’re making the most of all the tools that are available to you. 

Jon Carter, CDO at Musicolio

Don’t be afraid to go at it yourself. @musicolio

There are so many tools available to artists and labels now. It’s very possible to connect to the resources you need to make your music and grow your business.

Grant Bussigner, Digital Marketing and Strategy at Warp Records 

Look at everything in context, not one single metric. @originallgb

Having good judgment is critical for interpreting lots of data. But most importantly, Grant says

Trust your art. No matter how much technology you have, it doesn’t make a difference unless you have great art/music . 

Ari Herstand, Music Inudstry Influencer, Blogger and DIY artist

The artist-fan connection. Build the relationship with your fans and understand that it’s not just a transaction. It’s an ongoing relationship that you need to grow. @arisTake

Ari recommends growing your email list and using it not just for pushing music sales, but for engaging, asking music related questions, and strengthening your relationship with your fan base.

Rossanna WrightVP, Business Dev. Revelator

Listen to your data. If you see a spike in one service, you can use it as leverage with the other services. 

If you’re seeing success with one service, use the opportunity to reach out to bloggers and seize the PR moment. 

Did you pick up any other great growth hacking tips at SXSW? Please share them with us below!