At a conference dominated by futuristic gadgets, smart homes, and drones, there wasn’t much noise made by audio tech at CES 2016. Instead, products featured at this year’s showcase made a quiet shift and a giant leap towards optimizing and expanding the user’s experience. Data plays an important role in that effort, especially as we saw with Spotify. The innovations featured at CES this year indicate that the future of music is data-driven, high-resolution and affordable. So here’s what you need to know:

1. Data is driving user experience. Spotify is now using data to glean information about you, from your mood to where you are- so that it can tailor the music offerings and create an unparalleled musical experience. “If content is king, then context is God, If context is God then data is its religion,” Richard Frankel, Spotify’s CEO.

2. Prizm – the music brain. Heralding the return of the dedicated music player, Prizm is primed to disrupt the streaming audio scene. This music player alters your music experience by learning your preferences and adjusting to the room to tailor a completely personalized music experience.

3. Data + Marketing = Success. Big and small data can help you streamline your marketing efforts to reach a wider audience for your music. Find out what your customers want and use your data to help them.

4. Etymotic Earplugs – At only $19.95, these hi-fidelity ear buds are available now, affordable, and deliver sound quality previously unavailable at an everyday price point.

5. Smart Piano – One Music’s CES 2016’s Innovation Award winner, this smart piano connects to your device and helps you learn to play the piano with an interactive guitar-hero-like program. Piano teachers to novice students can learn something from this award-winning system.

In 2014, Americans spent an average of 25 hours per week listening to music. What the innovations in audio technology have shown us this year at CES 2016, is that the rapidly approaching future holds affordable, hi-res, musical experiences in almost every part of our lives. Here’s looking forward to new music tech in 2016!

CES 2016 and What’s Next for Music Technology

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