We are excited to be launching at SXSW 2016, the first Mobile Analytics app in the music industry to provide account-level monthly and daily trending sales data across the major platforms and services.

In our continued effort to provide the most advanced and user-friendly reporting and analytics solutions for the music industry, the Mobile Analytics app has been designed to provide Revelator customers with the best access to their sales and streaming data, on the go. It is the ultimate mobile analytics application to run your digital music business!

Our objectives in developing the application were clear from the start. First, let’s enable our customers to power their marketing and sales decisions with data directly from their iPhone. Second, let’s simplify reporting and sharing of sales and trends data with rights owners through a mobile portal. No one in the industry provides this level of access to data.

Just over a year ago, U2’s Bono expressed with enthusiasm in a blog post that he was proud of Universal Music Group for providing a fresh approach to transparency, and that artists will “finally be able to find out weekly, maybe even daily, on their cell phones, how many plays they’ve had and where in the world they’ve had them”. Well, here it is!

The Mobile Analytics application is packed with great features out of the box. Our aim was to provide access to many of Revelator’s key features directly from your iPhone. The Dashboard gives you a “high level” overview of your top tracks, albums, formats, and lets you quickly scan what country and service they are selling and streaming. The Revenue Analytics focuses on monthly data and reported earnings, while the Daily Trend Analytics gives you near real-time performance data with consolidated daily data across all the top platforms that provide daily reporting. This includes iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, and Deezer. Both data sets enable you to “drill down” deeper into the data, view revenue and units by channel, country, service, label, artist, release and track, and quickly swipe through different time periods. You can also query specific criteria to get detailed insights by segmenting your data using advanced filters.


One of my favorite features of the app is the ability to compare data across 3 different sales channels. Understanding how download revenue measures up against subscription streaming or ad-supported revenue for different time periods, and visualizing them side by side in a simple mobile user interface, is a revelation, or maybe a revolution…

If you like where this is going, stay tuned for more transparency. The next version of the Analytics app, will feature audience, demographic and city level daily data to provide insights around daily and monthly active listeners, gender and age, playback locations, device and platforms fans are listening from.

The Mobile Analytics application is now available to all distributors, record labels, managers and artists, as a branded or white label solution. Interested? Contact us.

Revelator customers can download the app for iphone starting March 14th.


Revelator is the first SaaS platform to offer access to its API to allow music and non-music businesses to distribute music, provide analytics, and manage payments to artists.

More websites than ever are realizing the value that music provides to their product, but very few are sure how to go about building out a product that is artist-friendly and makes sure payment and data needs are met. Revelator is changing the game with the release of its API Developer Platform, which provides a turnkey ‘Business-as-a-Service’ set of APIs for all music and content businesses who want to build new products or integrate services to their own platform.

The first partner to use the API is Wix, the world’s largest website development service. Revelator’s API will help deliver a comprehensive solution for all the digital needs of musicians, and will be a must have tool for artists seeking to take full ownership of their careers.

The APIs offer Metadata, Music Distribution, Rights Management, Reporting, and Analytics and can be integrated individually or in combination to support the complex data processing required for music distribution, reporting and royalty payment.

Revelator’s Developer Suite Helps Increase Revenues for Many Artists

The last few years have seen an explosion in the number of websites looking to integrate music into their core products and help musicians spread their songs and get paid for doing so. Big sites like Flipagram and Vine have started offering a wide range of music to supplement photo slideshows and short videos, respectively, while other website providers like Squarespace have reached out the music community as a place for artists to host their sites. But the music industry remains a complicated place, and other sites have surely shied away from going big with music because of worries about licensing and royalty payments. With the release of the API, Revelator hopes to provide a solution for any site that wants to work with artists.

Wix Music to use Revelator’s infrastructure in strong launch partnership

“I’m delighted to partner with Wix, a global brand with 73 million customers. Revelator’s  developer platform enables all kinds of companies to power and scale new business models and automate the content monetization and transparent reporting to rights holders with a programmatic solution.” said Bruno Guez, Founder and CEO of Revelator. “Wix Music is a great first partner for our API suite, using our services to give independent musicians the ability to create a full-service web presence on their own, with all the global sales, reporting, and analytics capabilities of a major record label. Our developer platform provides us with a first mover advantage in the content and music industry.

Revelator’s APIs cover the full stack of back-end services for music distribution. We designed Wix Music to be an end-to-end solution for the music market. A natural technical partner, integrating the Revelator API into our product, helped us achieve that,” said Ohad Bolotin, Head of Wix Music.