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Music consumption is growing exponentially. More than 90% of Americans are spending 20+ hours per week listening to music. This is sure to be a big year for all in the music industry, and developing a solid strategy will help you and your artists stay ahead of the curve. Competition will be fierce in 2016, […]

Music Industry

The advent of smartphones and digital streaming drastically and rapidly changed the way music is accessed by consumers. Unfortunately for streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, regulatory standards haven’t kept pace with the tech, and now the business model is being challenged. Spotify is fielding a multi-million dollar lawsuit for distributing compositions (allegedly) without […]

Big DataMusic Industry

At a conference dominated by futuristic gadgets, smart homes, and drones, there wasn’t much noise made by audio tech at CES 2016. Instead, products featured at this year’s showcase made a quiet shift and a giant leap towards optimizing and expanding the user’s experience. Data plays an important role in that effort, especially as we […]

Internet personality Josh Ostrovsky has recently come under fire for stealing jokes and images without proper attribution, and using that content to build a personal brand so strong he recently signed to talent agency CAA. Ostrovsky claims it was all a matter of misunderstandings and sloppiness on his part, and that no ill will was […] co-founder Billy Chasen recently took to Product Hunt to unveil his latest creation — DoubleLock. The product creates two “keys” which must both be entered in order for a file to be unlocked or modified. Perhaps in light of the Ashley Madison hack, Chasen’s use cases involved naughty pics and videos, but there are plenty of […]

DA Wallach is fully aware he’s in uncharted territory. “I’m unaware of anyone who has used the blockchain to share data around music,” he says. But just because no one in the music business has used the technology yet doesn’t mean that it’s not a potentially viable solution to fix the industry’s data, payments, and […]